The All NBA team makes zero sense this year. This years first team All NBA are in and its Curry, Lebron, Westbrook, Kawhi, and …. DeAndre Jordan? How does DeAndre find him self in the company of the elite players in the game. This puts him ahead of DeMarcus Cousins and Kevin Durant. Now I don’t think Cousins is a first team player yet, but I would have an easier time accepting him over DeAndre Jordan if you had to make sure that a center was included in the 1st team selections. Why does there have to be a center included in the 1st team though. It doesn’t make sense that the NBA would decide that a Center has to be included when most teams haven’t been playing with a true center all year, and if they have they’ve been in a limited role. In the all star game this year there was not a center in the starting line up of the Western or Eastern Conference teams. In a year where the NBA in more outside shooting and less Big men driven the All NBA team should reflect that.24849609122_dd55c15e7d_b

Now if you’re a purist who thinks that a Center should always be included in the All NBA teams that’s fine, But that center should not be DeAndre Jordan. DeMarcus Cousins Averaged more than 14 more points than DeAndre and was the Best player and one of the only bright spotson his team. DeAndre Jordan made first team all NBA, but isn’t even close to being the best player on his Team. His Field goal percentage is amazing at .703 but that is completely cancelled out by his horrendous free throw shooting. His free throw shooting was at .430 during the 2016 season. .430 is actually an above average year for him which shows you how awful he is at Free throws. This made it so he wasn’t able to even be on the court at the end of close games. His free throw shooting was such an easy weakness to expose that it became a huge liability for his team. If a player is going to on the First team All NBA he has to be a guy that I want on the floor because I know he can help us, But DeAndre Jordan is not that guy. @doubleheaderjay