This has the making to be an instant classic with so much at stake. Just when everyone was down on the warriors and declaring this series over as they were down 3-1 they some how battled back to even the series and force a game 7 at their home court. The Warriors now have a chance to save their season and keep their hopes alive to become immortal as one of the best teams in history. There is so much riding on this game for Golden State because as the first team to win 73 games they cant be considered an all time great without winning it all and every time the record is brought up it will then follow with “but they didn’t win the whole thing”. For OKC they have to find their confidence and fast, after a demoralizing loss in game 6 they need to come into tonight’s game still thinking they are the superior team and can win. If they are still thinking about game 6 tonight then its already over. 687px-Stephen_Curry_2

Steven Adams has to stay out of early foul trouble. They are a completely different team when hes on the court, he brings a level of toughness that Golden State can’t match. If I’m Golden State I would attack the basket early and often trying to draw fouls from Adams. Being the home team in a game 7 they will likely get most calls. Curry has to be willing to drive to the basket. In the game 3 and game 4 losses we saw uncharacteristic plays from Curry where he would drive and pass up on a contested layup opportunity which he has been so good at finishing through out the season. Instead hes been rushing low percentage shot to avoid contact or getting blocked. I say don’t be afraid to get blocked because at home half of the time you’ll get a foul call. Turnovers is always a key so i won’t get into that too much, but both Curry and Westbrook have been making terrible passes in this series. Whoever can settle down and make the smarter decisions and the right plays should win this game because both teams have the talent for it.

If I had to guess a winner I’d pick Golden State only because they’re at home. The Warriors are favored by 6.5, I’d take the Thunder and the under, but Golden State to win it

GSW 112 OKC 107