Just when everyone was hopping off the Steph Curry and Warriors bandwagon they made one of the most “unlikely” comebacks in NBA history. This is why we can’t just declare a series over until a team gets to 4. If you really look at it, it should not have been a huge surprise that they were able to come back. Down 3-1 the Warriors in order to win the series would play 2 home games and 1 road game. All year the Warriors have been great at home so is it really that surprising that they weren’t going to get beat in Golden State twice in one series. I shouldn’t be, a 73 win team should at least be able to win a home. That leaves one game where they really had to win, Game 6 in OKC. During the regular season they’ve shown that they can win in Oklahoma, so why are we shocked that they could win again. OKC is not a different team in this series than they’ve been all year long they’ve just been playing better. Espn was throwing out statistics about how only 9 out of 232 have come back  to win the series down 3-1. However for most of those teams they were the ones without home court advantage since more times then not the team with the better seed is the one up 3-1. Being down 3-1 while still having home court advantage is a completely different scenario. All you have to do is hold home court and steal one road game. An for a team that went 73 and 9 in the regular season that doesn’t sound like 9 out of 232 odds to me. A team that has the best shooter in history (Steph Curry) and another one of the best shooters ever (Klay Thompson) are never out of it. Down 3-1 means they just have to win three games in a row. Can Klay and Steph get red hot for three game? Goddamn right they can!