Since the recent news of Harambe’s death (Harambe was a Gorilla at the Cincinnati zoo) there has been widespread outrage. Many have criticized the boy’s mother for not watching over her young son, while others are angry with the zoo for choosing to kill Harambe. All of this outrage has distracted us and left us completely blind to whats right in front of our eyes. This boy may be a real life Wizard!!! 

First lets start with Harambe’s enclosure, many have criticized that the enclosure was not secure enough. However it has worked all this time to keep a Gorilla inside. How is a young boy the first one to breach the enclosure? We’ve seen in Harry Potter the Ability for wizards to break through barriers in there way, we’ve even seen Harry do this at a Zoo. He used his wizard powers to make the glass disappear and release the snake. This boy did the same thing, he used his powers to go over the barrier and into the Gorilla enclosure.


Of course the young boy could have just climbed over the barrier and didn’t actually use wizard powers to make his way to Harambe, but what happens next can not be explained without the use of magic. Harambe takes the young boy and drags him around, it seems that the boy is going to be seriously injured or killed. However that does not happen, something else does. The boy starts communicating with the Gorilla. Just like how we’ve seen Harry demonstrate his ability to speak with snakes, this young boy was able to communicate with a Gorilla. In these photos we can see the boy conversing with Harambe. This is proof that his possesses some kind of power

I know that the death of Harambe is tragic and I don’t make light of it. However lets not be blind to what’s happening in front of us. We could for the first time ever have definitive proof that Wizards live among us in our world.