After getting past the Spurs the assumption was that Durant was in Oklahoma to stay. However that was before the devastating game 7 loss to lose a series in which they led 3 to 1. Now his future and the future of the franchise is unclear. It was crucial for the Thunder to at least make it to the finals this year. Kevin Durant is likely now looking at the West and seeing just how difficult it was to make it to the Conference finals. If they had won this year then there would be no doubt he’d stay in OKC for at least the next five years. However they didn’t and Durant does not want to be included with the list of the great players who never won a ring, hes too good for that and he knows it. There are several possible choices that Durant can make. The most likely one is to Resign with OKC for a one year deal so his contract matches with Westbrook (This is assuming he still wants to play with Westbrook). If he signs a one year deal then OKC has to go all in on a championship next year because if he don’t win he’s gone, and if he leaves its very likely Westbrook leaves as well. Next year could be the last good year for the Thunder before a series of mediocre and rebuilding seasons. I’ve been hearing a lot of possible destinations for Durant, one of the most notable is the Warriors. If he just wants a ring then its a great move. However if hes at all worried about his legacy I would not go to the Warriors especially if they win this year. If the Warriors win with Durant he will receive no credit because they’ve already won without him, and if they lose he’ll most of the blame as the new player on the team.


Now one option that I haven’t yet heard is Kevin Durant joining the Cleveland Cavaliers. If the Cavaliers were to lose in the finals then KD to the Cavs makes alot of sense. If the Cavs lose we all know who’s going to be blamed, It’s Kevin Love it’s been Kevin Love all year. A Cavs loss in the finals means they will likely try to move Love. This would open up Cap Space and floor space for Durant to come to Cleveland. Lebron has been moving closer to playing more of a power forward role with most of his shots coming from with the paint or mid range. Durant could step in and take Lebrons Current position of Small Forward. Durant to the Cavs would help extend Lebrons Career by taking some of the everyday load of Lebrons back. It would allow Lebron to have games off in the Regular season and make it so Lebron wouldn’t have to be “the guy”night in and night out. With the combination of Lebron’s size and skill and Durant’s length and skill they would likely favorite to win the Title.