At this point the Jets have still not signed Free Agent Quarter back Ryan Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick is reportedly seeking a one year, 12 million dollar deal and the Jets have no interest in paying that price for Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick is obviously not a franchise or a star quarter back in the league, but he has been solid for the Jets. In 2015 he threw for just under 4000 yards over 30 TDs and came within a game of the playoffs. The NY Jets appeared to be a team on the rise and looking to make some noise in 2016. Fast forward to this year Fitzpatrick is still not signed to the Jets. This leaves the team with Geno Smith who has proven to be a disaster, and Christain Hackenberg; a rookie from Penn State, who for the record i don’t believe can be a starter in the NFL. The Jets are now looking at having one of the historically worst offenses ever. This is sad when you consider the potential and the talent that they have with Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker. With those two receivers this is a team that is prime to have a strong passing game, if they have a Quarter back. Ryan Fitzpatrick shouldn’t get 12 million because of his talent,he should get 12 million because the Jets don’t have another option. At this point they need Fitzpatrick to prevent an awful season. A Bad season will not go over well in New York especially when it could have been prevented. When the demand for something is high you are always going to have to pay above what the actual value of it is, but you suck it up because you don’t have another option. There is nothing with a higher demand in the NFL than a solid Quarter Back. Fitzpatrick_Jets