Who Cares. Unless you have a time machine its not worth bringing up. I could say any team from the past would beat the Warriors and you can’t say I’m wrong because it is impossible to prove. Can we just enjoy greatness as it happens; instead of wondering if a bunch of men in their 50’s would beat the Warriors if they were in their prime. Odds are if the Showtime Lakers and Warriors played sometimes the Lakers would win and other times the Warriors would win. I think its getting desperate that the all day sports channels have to resort to tireless debate about things that are subjective or can’t be proven. It’s not going to stop here by the way, if the Warriors win the title get ready to have all of your favorite basketball teams compared to the Warriors, from the 96 bulls to the Monstars and team looney tunes.


I will be writing a piece debating on whether the Warriors would be able to beat the looney tunes or the Monstars.