The Cavs have just come off of their biggest win of the season and a clear must win. They did this all without their starting power forward Kevin Love. Kevin Love suffered a concussion from an elbow to the back of the head in game 2 and was not available for game 3. The Cavs blew out the Warriors winning by 30 points and Cleveland looked like a completely different team on Wednesday than they have previously in the series. The conversation immediately after the game was, what do you do with Love? Many feel the choice is clear and Love needs to come off the bench and have Jefferson start in his place. The Cavs played significantly better in game 3, but can we throw all that too the fact that Love did not play? There is also the factor that this was a home game and the Cavs have looked much better at home throughout the season. Also it’s not like Richard Jefferson dominated the game, he played solid recording 9 points, 8 rebounds,. What the Cavs have to decide is whether they value defense or offense more. Kevin Love is clearly the better offensive player, but Richard Jefferson brings a level of intensity and skill to the defensive side of the court that the Cavaliers desperately need. It will be up to Tyronn Lue what to do in this situation as his first real decision he’s had to make as head coach.


Before we go crazy and say get rid of Love completely and bring in Jefferson, we need to remember that you can have both. They are both still on the team, just because one doesn’t start doesn’t mean they can’t see significant minutes. If I were Tyronn Lue I’d try to use each player depending on the current need. For most of the game put Jefferson for solid defense, but when they need a quick shot of offense what a great bench option having Kevin Love is. Also throw Timofey Mozgov in the game somewhere in  the 2nd quarter to scare Klay Thompson. the Cavaliers need to keep up there defensive intensity that they showed in game 3 and move the ball efficiently. If they are able to get everyone involved instead of constant isolation play they have a very good chance to even up this series and carry momentum back to Golden State.