Where I was Right, Wrong, and the Jury’s Still Out

Where I was Right- The Warriors definitely missed Draymond especially on the defensive side of the court. There was no one to keep Lebronfrom driving to the hoop and making easy layups. This is normally Draymond’s job to bring physicality and protect the paint. You could clearly see that without Draymond the Warriors really didn’t have an answer for the Cavs offense which helped contribute to Lebron and Kyrie having 41 points each.

Where I was Wrong- Although I expected the Warriors to miss Draymond I did not think they would lose this game. They had been playing too well at home and have dominated the Cavs in Oracle that even without Draymond I thought they’d be able to close out this series. However I was wrong, and it’s clear that they need Draymond, maybe more than any other player including Steph.

Where I was Wrong- I thought that Steph Curry would take this game over and have an MVP type of game to close it out. He only scored 25 points, and they were a really inefficient 25 points with 8-21 shooting. So far in this series Curry really has only had one good game, which was game 4. I think it’s understated how bad Curry has played in this years finals. He’s getting away with it because he team is so good, but if it were anyone else we’d be much more critical about him not playing great in the big moment.

The Jury’s Still out- The Cavs have come back to make the series close again at 3-2 in favor of the warriors. However we still don’t know if they really have a shot of winning the Title. They were able to win one road game, but it was against a Warriors team missing one of their Key players. They also have shown that they are able to be beaten at home, so it’s very likely that the Cavs lose game 6. If the Cavs win Game 6 they will have to prove that they can beat this Warriors team at full strength in Oracle, a task that will not be easy.



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