This rumor has been getting more and more traction throughout the last few months, and with an NHL team moving to Vegas it seems very likely. For a while many of the NFL owners have been pushing for a team in Vegas. This has been met with resistance from others though, due to the NFL’s no gambling policy. The NFL like any major Corporation are hypocrites, they are only against Gambling until they have a chance to make money off from it. Fantasy football has become huge industry and has helped the NFL due to increased interest of the league as a whole, and many owners are investors in FanDuel and DraftKings. There really isn’t a huge difference between Fantasy football and Gambling. According to most state laws you can wager money on an event as long as it requires some sort of skill from the parties involved. So the argument is that fantasy football requires skill, you need to study players and teams; and know trends in order to give yourself the best chance of winning. Well poker requires the same amount of skill, its about knowing percentages, being able to read people expressions and body language, but that’s illegal. If you don’t think Poker requires skill just look at the people who win the major tournaments, there is a reason the same players are winning each event. The NFL now sees an opportunity to take advantage of the Vegas location and put a team there. So they will put aside their no gambling policy for a chance to make money.


Is a team in Vegas a good idea? Yes! Vegas is one of the most popular tourist desinations in the United States. It makes a ton of sense to put a team there. On gameday weekends Vegas will pour in with thousands of fans who want to spend the weekend gambling and then finish with watching there team play on Sunday. Vegas will be the number 1 city for fans to travel to for road games. Think about this, If you are a Titans fan wand you’d like to go see your team play a road game; would you rather travel to Minnesota or Wisconsin to watch them or go on a mini vacation to see them play in Vegas? It’s a no brainer, Vegas makes sense. It’s an easy destination to travel and will become the meeting ground for people who don’t live where their favorite team plays to go and watch a game. It’s also important to understand that the NFL schedule makes Vegas an easy destination. An NFL team only has 8 regular season home games, and they are all on the weekend(with the exception of Monday or Thursday night games). This will make it easy to sellout Vegas games from tourists visiting from other cities. Vegas will also have no problem finding the money to build the stadium. Part of the benefit to being a tourist city is the tourists pay for everything the city has. From taxes for the hotel rooms to taxes on casino winnings, the amount of money that the City and State get from tourism will easily be able to pay for the stadium. The Raiders are in need of a new home that location isn’t working. Most times you turn the TV on for a Raiders game and half the seat are empty. Vegas should be the Raiders new start and new home.