The Cavaliers will now have there 2nd win or go home game of the series. This after holding on to beat the Warriors in Game 5, and extend the series to 6. So can they win tonight and make it a 7 game series? I don’t think they can. If we really analyze this series the Cavs have only beaten a full strength Warriors team once in this series. Game 5 the Warriors did not have the pillar of their defense (Draymond Green) which allowed the Cavs to go off offensively. I do not expect this to happen in tonight’s game. Also in Game 5 Lebron and Kyrie had an all time great performance against a Draymondless Warriors team. It is not realistic to think that either will come close to the performance they had in game 5, especially with Draymond back. Bogut will be missed, but hes not irreplaceable. They will be taking a down grade at the Bogut spot, but he only averaged about 10 minutes a game. So they have already been subbing players into his spot, they will just have to handle more minutes. The Warriors have already proved that they can win in Cleveland, so you know they are believing they have a great shot tonight.

Curry needs to step up and take over this game. He has had a pretty mediocre series by his standards, but this feels like a game where he can get hot and close out the Cavs. If he does not have a big game tonight, I don’t think it can be justified in giving him the Finals MVP. I really don’t like the way Curry has played this series. He’s proven that he can hit a shot from about anywhere, but that doesn’t mean that he should. Going one on one from 30 feet away from the basket and launching a long 3 while barely looking looks great for the highlight reel, but it’s not the best shot available. He would benefit from moving the ball and coming off of screens for higher percentage 3s.


If the Cavs want to have a chance in this game Lebron has to attack early, and not be afraid to shoot jumpers. He’s not a great outside shoot, but hes very efficient from mid range. I don’t see Kyrie having the same kind of game as he did in game 5. I think it could go poorly if Cleveland thinks they need to get Kyrie to have a high number of points. This will lead to forced shot, that he shouldn’t take. Kyrie has to let the offense come to him naturally and take the opportunities given.

The Warriors are just too deep for Cleveland. I think it stays close early and both team have their runs, but the Warriors will pull away in the 4th quarter. GSW 110 CLE 98.