The Cavaliers have done the improbable and made a comeback after being down 3-1 and looking like the series is over. Good for them, good for us we get a game 7 in the Finals. With the Cavaliers come back many have switched into thinking that they will win this series and maybe they should even be favored. No team ever has come back from a 3-1 deficit in the finals. This is not the same as when GSW came back against OKC. During the Western Conference finals once GSW tied it up they were in the drivers seat because the final game would be at home. For Cleveland they’ve worked hard and played phenomenal to force game 7, but it’s at Golden State. If we look at how Cleveland has played in Oracle, it’s not pretty. 2 of 3 games have been a complete disaster and the one game where they won Draymond Green did not play. Although they have been playing well to tie up this series they haven’t proved that they can beat a full strength Warriors team in Oakland.

The Warriors need to turn it around and luckily they are the type of team that can do it. They are a team that lives off of getting hot from 3 and as a shooter its much easier to shoot on your home court. If Curry and Klay get going earlier it could get ugly early. Curry obviously needs to play better, he’s gotten his points in some games, but his impact is missing. I don’t expect him to be in any kind of foul trouble in game 7 because the refs aren’t going to want to call him for anything in Oakland, especially after a few questionable calls in Game 6. I would like to see Curry seem more interested when he’s on the bench instead of sitting there with a towel over his head and not talkintristan thompson.jpgg to teammates. If you are the unanimous MVP you should be doing more than just shooting 3s you’re supposed to be a leader. Leadership is part of the VALUE that comes from being an MVP. Lebron needs to just keep doing what he’s doing. He’s been the best player on either team during this series and is one of the main reasons the Cavs are back in this game. Also if the Cavs want to have a chance Tristan Thompson has got to dominate the glass the way he did in game 6. If I’m the Cavs I wouldn’t even worry about whether or not we get Kevin Love going in the offense. We see this about once a game, where the Cavs decide, “ok where gonna get Kevin Love involved and get him some shots”, but then it doesn’t work and they end  up having to go away from it after forcing a couple of bad shots. Kevin Love isn’t the type of player where you should be looking to feature him in the offense. He needs to get his looks as the flow of the game progresses. His best shots come from when the play breaks down and Kyrie or Lebron kick it to him at the arc. When the play stops and he goes with his back to the basket it’s just not working. This used to work in Minnesota, but I don’t think he’s done it enough recently for it to be a go to move.

Beingsteph2 at home, where they have played so well the Warriors shouldwin this game. The crowd will be loud and be on the Refs early, which will result in favorable calls for the Warriors. Despite whats happened in this series, I still think the Warriors are the better team. Lebrons been amazing, especially in the last 2 games, but it’s a tall order to ask him to do it a third time. If Steph wants to be finals MVP (and I think it’s already too late for that) he has to go off in this game and be the reason his team closes out this series. If he scores over 30 the voters will find away to feel justified in voting him MVP. At home I do expect Curry to play well and have one of his best games of the series.

GSW 107 CLE 98