Winner, Cleveland – The City of Cleveland has not won a championship in professional sports since 1964. They are considered one of the most tortured sports cities in the US. The wait is now over and the 2016 Cavaliers will be a source of Pride for the city for many years to come. Winning a Title for Cleveland is a much bigger deal for Cleveland than most other cities.

Loser, Steph Curry’s Likability– Curry’s likability took a hit in this series. From complaining about every call, thinking he’s immune to trash talk, and throwing mouth guards at fans. He will still be one of the most popular players in the league, but he’s no longer squeeky clean. People can dislike him now, and it’s probably fair. This might be a good thing for Steph, he’ll be able to bring more attitude to the game and not have to worry about pleasing everyone.LeBron_James_3408968580.jpg

Winner, Lebron James’s Legacy – Lebron’s legacy has been set for quite some time. Winning 2 NBA titles,  4 MVPs and making the NBA finals 6 times (these are stats before this year). He’s done basically everything there is to do in the NBA, except win a championship for his home town and the team that drafted him. Now that he’s done this even if he quit tomorrow it will be a completely full filled career. He also showed everyone that he is the best player on the planet and the Steph run was nice, but Steph is not the player of this Era.

Loser, David Blatt – It’s got to suck to look at the team that you coached previously this year win the Championship, especially when you weren’t deserving of being fired. It will sting for him for quite a while because he’ll be thinking ” that should’ve been me”.

Winner, Kyrie Irving – Kyrie jumped to a next level in this series, outplaying Steph Curry and showing everyone that he’s not only one of the best point guards in this league, but also one of the best players. Also it’s great to get the first Championship out of the way at the young age of 24. This way he’ll never have to hear about how he has no rings and join the company of players like Durant, CP3, Melo, Westbrook etc.

Loser, Under Armour – This has been a good and bad year for Under Armour Athletes. 2000px-Under_armour_logo.svg.pngGood because two of their biggest stars Cam Newton, and Steph Curry won the MVP award and made it to the Championship. Bad because Cam, Steph, and Speith all lost in the Championship when it looked like they were the clear favorites. Is Under Armour now cursed? This will be something to keep an eye on. In addition to being cursed they also put out a shoe mid finals that came under immense ridicule for looking like something our 50 year old dads would wear.

Winner, The NBA – Anytime a series goes 7 games it’s good for the Networks and the league. Last nights game had over 30 million viewers, which is the largest audience in 18 years. For a league were ratings across the country have been going down this was definitely a win.

Loser, Anderson Varejao – Nothing has to suck more than losing to your former team.
Those are the guys he played with all off season and the first half of the year. They set out on a mission to win the title together, and then traded him away. He then gets his chance for his revenge to win a title with his new team. That did not work out for him. In addition to losing he also showed how soft of a player he is. He’s always been soft, and a huge flopper, but this was in front of the entire country on the biggest stage. Every time he falls it looks as if he’s learning to walk for the first time. He’s easily earned his way into one of my least favorite players in the league. Also anyone who thinks he will get a ring; he may get sent a ring if the Cavs choose to send him one, but he won’t be considered a Champion.

Loser, Myself – No one is more surprised by the Cavaliers comeback than me. I picked the Warriors to win this series and thought they could probably do it in 5. I even wrote a column saying that the Cavs were done when they were down 3-1 (but I didn’t say they were finished so I saved myself there). I picked the Warriors to win every single game that I made a prediction on. I really thought they were the better team, and I still think from top to bottom they are. However Lebron has an ability to put the team on his back and take over games, and now we’ve learned Kyrie has this ability too.