The NFL Draft has already been completed and rookies are working with their new teams to get ready for the season. The NBA Draft is this Thursday and there could be several future NBA greats in this years class. These young athletes dreams are coming true as they look to make it their leagues. Unfortunately for a few unlucky athletes, this means they will also meet their biggest hater yet. If you have Skip Bayless as a hater its going to get annoying, especially since he’s not held back by a need to be rational or consistent. He will cherry pick select stats to work for his argument and ignore all others. If someone only listens to Skip and has never seen you play they will think that you suck, No matter how good you are. So its best just avoid this altogether, follow these tips and you should find yourself off his list and maybe he might even like you.

Tips for NFL Quarterbacks –

  • DO NOT be the first QB taken. This is a red flag for Bayless, he always hates the first guy chosen and prefers the second or third QB. Sorry Jared Goff. He’s not an Andrew Luck guy, he’s more RGIII and Johnny Manziel. If you find yourself not Drafted first you’re lucky, you might not be hear from him.
  • PLAY LIKE SHIT for the first 3 quarters. Anyone whose followed Skip knows that he doesn’t take into account anything that happens outside of the 4th quarter. This is your opportunity to just play terrible for 3/4 of the game. You’d do well to throw go 3 for 15 for 20 yards and zero TD’s for the first three quarters. Then Start playing a little bit better, play to whatever your actual skill set is. That way when you throw 4 for 6 and throw 1 TD he’ll be saying how Clutch you are. Automatic clutch Gene Congratulations.

Tip for NBA Players –

  • Be the Senior going into the Draft with a bunch of Freshmen and Foreign players. He loves the guy who leads his team in scoring even though hes 3 years older than everyone he’s playing with or against.
  • No matter what hit your first buzzer beater attempt. This will define how clutch you are for the rest of the year, in skips mind there’s only one reason a person misses a buzzer beater and it’s because they folded under pressure. Not even if it’s a difficult shot or you’re a 40% shooter so statistically you’re gonna miss more than you make. That does not matter to him.
  • If you are a point guard don’t bother developing your shot or driving ability. This does not matter; only worry about getting those assists. Each time you go out and score 5 points and 12 assists he’ll praise you for your court vision and playing the position “correctly”. Now you might be saying “What if i score 25 points and 12 assists? Isn’t  that better?” No that’s shooting too much don’t try to score. Unless he decides to hate you then he’ll say you need to score more; in that case it’s over, no matter how well you play it he’ll find a way to criticize it.
  • DO NOT CHOOSE 23, It doesn’t matter if you like the number or that was your number in high school or whatever reason for choosing it. He will say that you think you’re Michael Jordan and you will constantly be compared and held to the same standard as MJ.

Of course if you want to actually have a real career and be the best athlete you can be don’t listen to this advice. Skip Bayless does not want you to succeed do not forget that; so any advice he’s giving does not have good intentions. He never played on any high level of competitive sports, so as much as he thinks he knows whats in a players head or what they need to do; he doesn’t. Even if you do listen to this advice always be prepared for him to hate you for no reason. Do not expect him to fair or rational and hold all players equally accountable. Now that he’s left ESPN we will hopefully not hear too much from him, but he’ll keep coming out with hot takes and aggressive hate for different players. Not being on ESPN anymore should be good for you future pro’s you’ll have to actively search for his takes, so avoid his twitter page. If he does become mainstream just cover your ears and ignore; no good comes from listening to Skip Bayless.