We are a little over a month away from the start of the 2016 Summer Olympics games and the concerns with the venue are mounting. The Zika virus has many worried as it appears that not a lot has been done to prevent the spreading of the virus. Now it has been found that the Zika Virus can spread through sexual contact. This is important because there will be thousands of athletes from all around the world in one Olympic village, and if the stories of the Olympic village are even partially true there will be a lot of sex between athletes. If a few athletes come in contact with the Zika virus through a mosquito they could spread it through out the Olympic Village; Condoms are a must. In addition to the thousands of athletes participating in the games there will also be millions of people from all over the world going to Rio for the games. These people will come in and then return to their home countries, so if they get infected it will be brought home with them. This is a scary thought because as of right now it’s still contained to mostly South America, but after the Olympics it could be all over the world. In addition to the Zika virus, the water is not safe. By US standards the Water in Rio is 1 million times worse than the standard of whats considered safe. It is basically poop water. This will be where the Rowers, Kayaker’s and Sailor’s compete in there events. The Olympics should have the best conditions that these athletes have ever competed in, not the worst. In addition to the awful health concerns that Rio poses on athletes, there is also safety concerns. Rio is far from being a safe city. Videos have been coming out of people shooting at highways, and gun battles in the streets. I am hoping that by the time the Olympics come around they will have so much police presence that they should be able to keep the criminals away.

It’s looking like there is not going to be anything done about the Zika virus before its time for the Olympic games, so i guess all you can do is wear bug spray and hope for the best. Also the poop water doesn’t look like it is going to be any cleaner by the time the athletes compete in Rio. Why does the Olympic Committee give the games to Countries like Brazil in Cities like Rio? It’s not like there is a shortage of Cities that can actually handle the Olympics. Los Angeles is one of them; if the Olympics were to be hosted in L.A. they would only need to build one structure that isn’t already there or already being planned to be built, and this is a Kayaking facility. There are several other countries that have the capabilities of handling an Olympic games. In 2012 when it was held in London, there were not these concerns about whether the water would be safe or if they could handle the Olympics. Why does the Olympic Committee choose to reward countries that a full of corruption or their people are impoverished? Is that the message we want to send to the world. Here’s a country where the people don’t even have safe water, there is corruption and the drug cartels are rampant, but here have the Olympics. I’m all for diversity of Olympic locations, but give it to countries that really should have it. Countries where there is safe drinking water, there’s minimally corruption, and they are on a path to being a place that the Olympics can be proud of. brazil statue.jpg

If I were an Olympian would I go to Rio? It depends. If I were an NBA player, a golfer or tennis player I would probably think long and hard about competing in the Olympics and I’d probably end up dropping out. There is a reason why most of the athletes you are hearing about dropping out play in the NBA. These Athletes are already millionaires. They have a league that they can compete in each year. They can receive their glory and fame from playing in their professional league. There is little to be gained from competing in the Olympics if you are one of these people. Now if I am a Track and Field athlete, swimmer, Gymnast, or any other sport that doesn’t have a major professional league then I would absolutely go. This is the only real chance they have to compete for glory. The Olympics are what these athletes have dreamed their entire life for. They’re not going to let the Zika virus or poop water keep them from their dreams. Most NBA players didn’t grow up dreaming about competing in the Olympics, they grew up dreaming of making the NBA. The Olympics are a bonus NBA players.

I hope Rio can somehow figure it out, but I’m not expecting them to. They’ve had years to prepare for the Olympics, and clean up their act and they still haven’t.