Free agency is just days away and that means the predictions and rumors are here of where the most coveted free agent will go. Durant is currently on a tour of meeting with GMs, getting wined and dined into playing for their team. From what I’ve heard Durant has had or plans to have meeting with several teams. According to reports the teams on Durants list are the Knicks, Warriors, Spurs, Clippers, Heat, Celtics, and his current team the Thunder. Many Rumors where that he may be interested in going to his hometown team the Wizards, but he has decided not to meet with them.The Number one thing that Durant is looking for when signing with team is if this is a team that puts me closest to winning a title.

If these reports are true that means that there are 7 teams in contention for Durant. I do not see him signing with the Celtics, that would put him further from a title than he is currently. The Heat was an attractive destination, but with Hassan Whiteside leaving I don’t think they have the talent to win a title. The Clippers in theory with the current roster are an attractive location, but I do not see him signing with the Clippers; just because they’re the Clippers. The Spurs seem like a good fit, but there is too much mystery as to what the future of the roster will look like; with many of their core players retiring in the next few years.

This leaves the 3 most likely options The Knicks, Warriors, and Thunder.

The Knicks – are here more because they are a large market team in New York. If Durant goes to New York it would give him a chance to increase his brand and world popularity. I hear a lot of talk about Durant not wanting to deal with the New York media. However I’d worry more about that if this was football or baseball. The Knicks have sucked so much for so long that the city is waiting and dying to embrace a superstar savior for their team. Porzingis started out being booed, but after a few solid games he was praised and now the city loves him. Imagine how much Knick’s fans would love to have a top 5 player on their team. The Roster of the Knick’s is good for Durant in theory, but how much productivity it will have is up in the air. Derrick Rose is a huge question mark, and if he goes out due to injury I don’t see the Knicks as having much of a shot, even with Durant.knicks logo

The Warriors – The Warriors are the best option if he wants to win a title, which I’ve already said is his number one goal. The roster is by far the best for him to jump into and make even better. A team with Durant, Curry, Thompson, and Green would be incredible. The one problem with the Warriors is how it would affect Durant’s legacy. If he goes to the Warriors and wins it’s not that impressive. The Warriors were one game and one nut tap away from winning a title two years in a row. Durant will never receive the praise in Golden State as he would elsewhere, and I don’t think he should. People gave Lebron hell for going to Miami to try to win a title, but before Lebron got there Miami was not good enough to win an NBA championship. The Warriors are good enough to win one now; and are currently probably the favorites to win next year.warriors logo

The Thunder – His team, the team where he made a name for himself, the team that came within one game of the finals. There are a lot of reasons for Durant to stay in OKC. The roster right now is strong. Steve Adams proved that he can be a force on both ends of the floor, and he’s only 22. Durant can expect Adams to continue to develop his game and would be a great player to have. There is also his good friend Russell Westbrook; who is another elite player in the NBA. No matter where he goes it is going to be hard to get an upgrade over Westbrook. Curry is great at shooting, but he can’t do what Westbrook does. If Durant stays in OKC they would still be contenders for next season, and with the trades that the team has been making they should be better. Something else that he needs to consider is that winning a title in OKC would mean more for his legacy than winning multiple in Golden State. If Durant and Westbrook can finish what they started and bring the franchise their first title they would be heroes forever.thunder logo