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Messi is Not Retiring

Messi just lost his forth title for his national team on Sunday and has announced his retirement from national play, which means he will not compete for Argentina anymore. This loss came with a devasting missed penalty kick from Messi. The emotion was obvious on his face, he could tell that he just cost Argentina a chance to win. Messi has had tons of success in the world of soccer or “futbol”. He has won 8 La Liga titles and 4 UEFA Champions league titles with his club team Barcelona. This success has not translated to national play however. Time and time again Messi and Argentina have come just short in Major tournaments. In 2007 they lost the Copa America to Brazil, 2014 World cup to Germany, 2015 Copa America to Chile and finally the 2016 Copa America to Chile again.

Coming so close but just short so many times has got to weigh on him, he’s had so much success everywhere else this is the one thing he hasn’t accomplished. After the match I imagine he felt defeated, upset,angry,  and whole mess of other emotions. To him it’s looking like it may never happen so why continue. This all surfaced when he was interviewed and through impulse basically said he was retiring from National play. Retiring from your National team is not something you make a quick decision on. Despite the hardships that he’s experienced Messi loves playing for Argentina and wants to win for them so badly. I think he just needs some time off to miss it for a year. Once he starts missing it again he will be back. The World cup is only 2 years away, do you think one of the best players in the world is going to be okay sitting it out? No chance, he’ll be back. Playing in the World Cup is what every young soccer player dreams of, there is no way he allows probably his last chance to play in it pass him by. messi2

Messi will return after a brief “retirement” for one last chance to bring Argentina a title.



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  1. The problem is, Argentina can not afford to be without Messi for a year. If Messi is not there they might not make the FIFA World Cups to begin with so i believe he has to return as soon as possible. Argentina next World Cup qualifying game is in September, don’t be surprise to see Messi in the line up then

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