Free Agency is here and already we’ve seen incredible deals that in other years would be saved for only the elite players. This is is going to be one of the craziest Free agency summers yet. This is due to the increase in Cap space in the next up coming years. The salary cap is set to increase to from $70 million to $89 million in the 2016-2017. Then it will increase from that to 108 million in 2017-2018. This benefits all of the players, every player who is signing a new deal will get more money than they otherwise would have. We are heading towards an era where a mediocre player getting paid 10 million a year will not be getting over paid that will be the league average. We’ll be seeing bench warmers getting $10 million dollar contracts and the every star will be getting a $100 million deals. What a time to be in the NBA. If you’re a former player like Kareem or Russell seeing the money these players are making has got to make you crazy.

I do think that some of these GM’s are getting carried away with the extra money they have to spend and aren’t using it correctly. This money should be used to keep the talent you want to keep and bring in talent that they need. They should not handcuff themselves to expensive contracts for mediocre players who can’t help them in the long run. I think in a few years we’ll see that many GM’s regret giving these average to below average players such great deals.

Some of the Notable Contracts

Nicolas Batum – 5 year, $120 million with the Hornets

  • Batum is a good player, he averaged 14.9 points a game so he can definitely play. In years past he’d probably get somewhere from 10-15 million a year.

Timofey Mozgov – 4 year, $64 million with the Lakers

  • Mozgov made $4.65 million in 2015 and averaged 6.3 ppg. So he’s getting about a $11 million dollar increase. A 6.3 ppg game player will be making $16 million a year. Hopefully for the Lakers it ends up  being worth it.

Bradley Beal – 5 year, $128 million with the Wizards

  • This could be problematic for the franchise. Bradley Beal will now make 40 million more than the Wizards all-star point guard John Wall. This is likely lead to resentment from Wall who is the face of the Franchise and their best player. If I were the Wizards and want to keep Wall for the long haul I would restructure his contract immediately.