We’re all to Blame For Durant’s Move to Golden State

As I’m sure you know Kevin Durant has signed to play with the Golden State Warriors. This takes super teams to a whole new level. The Warriors will have 4 legitimate All-stars all in their prime, and two of which are Super Stars who have won MVPs. This could possibly the most loaded team I’ve ever created in the NBA.

Why we’re to blame?

The comparison of NBA players to each other exceeds any other sport in the World. Sure in other sports we compare the top players, but no to the level of the NBA. In the NBA we have fully ranked lists of who the top players are, who’s the best at each position, and who’s the best of all time. When comparing top players we often use stats and awards to separate those on top, but the one thing we use most of all is titles. The number of titles are by far the most commonly used Stat to determine who the best players are. This is completely flawed. You can not just take titles to determine where players rank. If that were true Derek Fisher is better than Lebron, or Dirk etc. People seem to forget that basketball is a team sport. No matter how great a player is he’s not going very far if his team is shit. Michael Jordan was a great player, but he did have a great supporting cast to help him get to 6 titles. This goes along with why KD left. The Michael Jordan comparisons are out of control! When a player does something great like win a Title or MVP the next day the talk is about “Oh well there not better than Jordan”, Or “Let me know when he has 6 championships”. These players are only appreciated after they retire. Why can’t we appreciate their greatness now? No one is Jordan, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be legends themselves. This effort to be considered in the top few players of all time has led players to be desperate to get as many titles as possible. Even though if Durant stayed with OKC and won a title there it would be much more impressive and more difficult. We don’t care about that, we care about how many championships you have compared to the other greats. Not all Championships are created equal when it comes to a players legacy. Lebron’s most recent Championship was much more valuable because of how he did it, the opponents, and that it was for Cleveland. It was also his most difficult being down 3-1. When talking about legacy how you won a championship is important. The pressure for Durant to win multiple titles is what leads him to go to Golden State. He knows that the best opportunity to win many titles. If it was only about getting one championship he’d be much more likely to stay. He’s 27 and still has plenty of time to win a ring, but he’s running out of time to win multiple.

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We in the Media become hypocrites, we rate a players worth so heavily on Championships and then criticize them for going where they have the best chance to win one. I did not like the move by KD because of how good the Warriors were without him. They were good enough to win this year, and should have. Now he goes there where he’s not needed. They will be better next year for sure, but a superstar should be the reason his team is in the finals, not just along for the ride. He’s to good to join in on another teams success, a player of his caliber should want to welcome the challenge of carrying a team to the finals. Especially when they were one game away from the finals.

The KD move and Lebron move are not as similar as Chris Broussard says. Lebron went to a team that was not close to a winning a title without him. He needed to go there in order for Miami to have a chance. KD is going to a team that’s been in the finals the last two years, a team that won record 73 games this year. A team that was 5 points away from winning two championships in a row. Even if Durant didn’t go to the Warriors they would still be favorite to make it the finals next year.

That being said the Warriors GM and front office should pat them selves on the back. They have a chance to do something historic, by being even better than they were last year. However the one problem for them will be that Lebron James is still inn the league, and Lebron is the one player who has consistently owned KD and Steph. By joining forces will they be able to take down the King, we’ll find out.



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    As a warriors fan, I wasn’t too happy about Durant coming. Check out my article on Good work

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