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Federer Survives

Roger Federer who many think including my self is the greatest of all time, came back from being down 2 sets to love today. Federer started the match off slow going down 6-7 and 4-6 to lose the first two sets to Marin Cilic. He battled back, but it came with immense pressure. 3 times in this match Federer faced match point, and all 3 times he answered to keep him self in the match. That takes guts and of course the clutch gene to know that one wrong move and the match is over. He was able to maintain is composer and show us how he’s been able win 17 grand slams.

Now that Djokovic is out, the tournament has opened up for him. He is one month away from turning 35 and is still in contention for majors. I don’t think casual tennis fans truly appreciate how incredible Federer’s longevity has been. The magic number in tennis is usually 30; after 30 tennis players usually have a steep decline. Federer has definitely slowed down that’s for sure, but he still plays incredibly. He is still ranked number 3 in the world and hes 5 years past his prime. Most elite players on the tour hope that when they are in their primes they can crack the top 10. Federer in his mid 30s is still better than the young players in their 20s. Imagine if this were the NBA and the guy who was 5 years older than everyone else was still a top 5 player. 

Can he win another Major? This is his best shot. In the Semi Final he goes against Raonic a big server, but  has a lot of weaknesses when it comes to ground game. Raonic will get alot of free points off the serve, but if Federer can extend the point past 4 or 5 shots he should have the advantage. If he gets past Raonic he will face either Andy Murray or Tomas Berdych. I like his chances against either of these player especially on grass, but Murray will be the favorite in a Federer vs Murray match. Murray is playing great tennis right now and always plays he best at Wimbledon. However Federer has won Wimbledon 7 times so obviously you can’t underestimate him.

I would love to see Federer win one more Major to get to 18. I think this is his best shot for the aging legend. If he can’t get it done here I don’t know how much longer he has to play at the top level. Although I thought that about 3 years ago and here he is still amazing us.




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  1. Great read! Seeing Federer fight back from match point after match point in today’s match was insane. Truly one of the best to do it and he showed why today!

    • DHJ

      Thank you. Federer today was incredible, i just hope he can keep it going. 18 Majors would be amazing.

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