The Bulls have signed 3 time NBA Champion Dwyane Wade to a 2 year $47.5 million deal. This move just seems bizarre to me. So far this off season they have traded away Derrick Rose, which I think was a good move. Getting rid of Derrick Rose allows them to be free from his expensive contract, that was not worth it for the level of production they got out of him, and how often he was injured. One would think that the Bulls are trying to start over and rebuild around their young assets and allow Jimmy Butler to take over the team. That’s not what it looks like to me. This off season they’ve signed 30 year old Rajon Rondo and now 34 year old Dwayne Wade. This is a short term fix to try to make the Bulls relevant again. This  will definitely improve their team in the short term, but it won’t put them in contention for a Championship. The Way to win a championship is not by taking former Champions who are past their prime and try to create a “big 3”. Maybe 7 years ago this move  would be impressive, but now there are so many super team that you really need a big 3 in their prime. If this was a team like the Bucks or Nuggets I could understand the move. Those teams need to make big move to get attention and get fans in the seats. Chicago is completely different. Chicago fans are not happy to just make the playoffs; they want a Championship. A place like Chicago will put up with a few years of rebuilding if they can understand the teams direction in an effort to compete for a Championship. I’m not sure the direction the Bulls are trying to go in, and neither do the fans. If I were The Bulls front office I would’ve signed Wade to a one year deal. This way when the Cap goes up again in 2017 they would be able to compete for the top free agents. I think the teams that didn’t handcuff themselves with a huge contract this season will be in a great position next summer.

Will a Wade, Rondo, Butler big 3 work? Chemistry is a big concern; Rondo is known to get under his teammates skin and I can’t see Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler having much patience for it. Even if they do figure it out this is really a poor mans big 3. One aging Super star and 2 more all-star talents. I don’t see that competing with The Best player in the World, Lebron and the emerging super star, Kyrie Irving. Then there’s the Warriors big 4 which has the potiental to be the most talented team of all time with KD, Curry, Draymond, and Klay. When you look at the competition the Wade, Rondo, Butler big 3 pale in comparison.