The Wimbledon men’s final is set and it will be two time major Champion and gold medal winner Andy Murray vs Milos Raonic who will be competing in his first grand slam final. Andy Murray blew through his semi final opponent Tomas Berych is 3 sets while Raonic had a greater challenge going 5 sets with Federer. Both men are playing great and are coming into this final with a lot of confidence. Andy Murray will be the big favorite in the final, the crowd will be heavily on his side. So look for him to feed off the crowds energy and give him an extra boost. Raonic will have to block out all of the noise and focus on the task at hand even though the crowd will be against him.How their games match up? Milos Raonic has a huge serve, It’s one of the biggest serves in the world. The only player who current rivals his serve is John Isner, but Milos has been serving better as of late. Milos will look to win quick points on his serve and be aggressive. Andy Murray is a great returner. He and Djokovic are the two best service returner in the world; So if anyone can handle the big serve of Raonic it’s Andy Murray. When it comes to the baseline Andy Murray is the far superior baseline player; he is much faster and is a great defensive player. Andy Murray can cover the entire court, so in order for Raonic to have success against him he will have to be extremely aggressive and go for the lines. Shots that would normally be winner against most other player will not be against Murray. He will get to everything. If Raonic can keep the points short he has a shot, but the longer the rally goes the more it benefits Murray.

Andy Murray             Milos Raonic

Serve                                                            ✓✓

Return                      ✓✓

Forehand                    ✓                               ✓

Backhand                  ✓

Net Game                  ✓

Speed                         ✓

Endurance                 ✓


Andy Murray should win this match, but Raonic has a good chance. He’s playing the best tennis of his career and has a chance to take the next step as a player. This could be the start of Raonic becoming an elite player. Raonic is only 25 so he is just entering his prime, he could be the next big star. Also we will see if the Under Armour curse lives on.