Andy Murray won his 3 grand slam title and 2nd Wimbledon title on Sunday versus Milos Raonic. He won in straight sets 6-4 7-6 7-6. He was in control throughout the entire match. It was hard fought by Raonic, but Murray was on another level on Sunday. 3 Grandslams may not seem like a ton compared to Djokovic’s 12, Nadal’s 14 and Federer’s 17, but you have to take into account his competition. He is playing in one of the hardest eras of Tennis with so many all time greats playing at once. If Murray were playing in any other Era he would have 2 or 3 more Grand slam titles by now. the fact that he’s been able to  win 3 Grand slams and 1 gold medal during this Era shows how talented he really is. In any Era a 3 time Grand slam Champion is impressive and a great accomplishment. However playing now against player like Djokovic makes it even more impressive. Especially when you consider how dominate Djokovic, Nadal, and Federer have been. Almost every time Murray makes it to a final he’s gone up against one of these 3 greats. Andy Murray has played in 11 and has lost 8 of these. This is not due to him being “unclutch” as many in the basketball world would be quick to say. It’s due to the fact that he’s going against opponents of an all time level in the finals. Also for some tournaments like the French Open he shouldn’t have even made the final, but he over achieved. There is nothing shameful about losing in a major final against some of the best players of all time.

Whats the Future for Andy Murray? Andy Murray will definitely have an opportunity to compete to win more Grand slam titles in the next few years. Andy Murray is one of the fittest athletes in the world and is completely dedicated to being in the best shape possible. This will help Andy to prolong his career and play high level tennis into his 30’s. Murray and Djokovic are very similar as far as how fit and athletic they are. Their games are more focused on speed and less on power, because of this they should age better than others. Although as he’s get older he will have to change up the strategies. Murray is known for his defense and ability to get to impossible shots. This is a great asset while hes young, but as he gets older it could take too much out of him; which can hurt his chances in later rounds of grand slam tournaments. As he gets older he should focus on being more aggressive to shorten up the points. I wouldn’t mind seeing him try to come in more and play at the net, especially in the early rounds to shorten up the match. One good thing about Murray’s game is unlike Nadal his swing isn’t overly taxing on the body. He has a swing that you would use as an example if you’re teaching young players. Nadal hasn’t aged as well because of how aggressive and harmful his swinging motion is on the shoulder and the entire arm. Although Murray’s game is not as easy on the body as Federer so I’d expect him to start to drop of around 32-33. If Andy Murray can stay healthy he will have a chance to compete for grand slams for the next few years. 

In addition to winning his 3rd grand slam he also broke the Under Armour curse. I was really starting to talk myself into the Under Armour curse after all of their top athletes started losing in the finals. Cam Newton, Jordan Speith, and Steph Curry all lost in the finals, but thanks to Murray they should be curse free. Now I think we can basically confirm that, thanks to Andy Murray the Warriors will win the 2017 NBA Championship.

I think Andy Murray has at least one more Grand slam left in him.