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Is It Time to Change the MLB All-Star Game?

The Thunderbirds perform a flyover during the national anthem at the Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game July 15, 2014, in Minneapolis, Minn. The Thunderbirds are the Air Force’s precision flying demonstration team that flies red, white and blue F-16 Fighting Falcons (U.S. Air Force photo/Master Sgt. Stan Parker)

The All Star break is over and the American League now has home field advantage for the world series. The decision to make the All-Star game count for home field advantage has always been a subject of controversy. On the one hand it gives the players an incentive to play hard an put on a good performance because they want home field advantage. On the other hand it’s just stupid! I get it why they do it, but it has far to big of an impact for an exhibition game.

I’d argue that for a team that has a legitimate shot of going to the World Series this is the most important game of the entire regular season. This is the only game that can come back an haunt you in October. Players who are on top teams that have a legitimate chance
of going to the World Series are at the mercy of players who are on garbage teams, that aren’t going anywhere. If you’re on one of those teams in last place and are invited to the All-Star game you’re not going to play that hard. There’s no reason too. People were furious with Arenado for not running hard on the last out; The Rockies are 8 games back from .500 and have little chance of going anywhere this post season. Do you think he cares if the Cubs or Giants get home field advantage in the World Series. Why would he? There’s no reason to care about other teams having home field advantage. Now if you’re a Cubs, Giants or Nationals fan I’m sure you’re upset with Arenado because he potentially cost your team a chance at having home field in the world series. However you really should be upset with Major League Baseball for making such an important game be in the hands of players who are not on your team. I don’t see MLB getting rid of home field advantage for the winner of the All-Star game anytime soon. There is too much money at stake and ultimately it is still a business. If they took away this incentive the play would likely drop of, which would likely affect the television viewers. There aren’t really alot of option to incentivize the players to play hard, without home field. It would be difficult to offer a cash prize like in the NHL because MLB players make so much money anyways. MLB would have to come up with a very large prize to interest these players. You are forced to root for players you hate, in hopes that they help your team, and some player you’ve never heard of is bound to let you down.Although I hate that the All-Star game decides home field, I think it’s here to stay. MLB does not want to see their All-Star game turn into the NBA or NFL’s which is usually an absolute embarrassment. In order to keep their All-Star game from becoming like everyone else’s I think they’ll keep things they way they are. There is however the option to just get rid of the All-Star game all together. American professional sports have this weird idea that there has to be an All-Star game. There doesn’t; you could get rid of   everyone of them and we’d all be ok. Sure there’s people that enjoy them, but it’s not the reason they love the sport. If you get rid of the All-Star game people will still watch during the season an playoffs, your league will be just as popular, and you won’t have to listen to everyone talking about how bad the game was. Most All-Star/ Pro bowls in professional sports are terrible, get rid of them and protect the brand that you’ve worked so hard to establish.



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  1. Awesome read, I really hope the ASG doesn’t turn into the embarrassment that is the pro bowl. The only thing I see that should change in the next few years is the voting system.

    • DHJ

      Hopefully they’ll figure something out. They can’t keep it the same, but knowing baseball and all its tradition it will take years for any real change to occur.

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