The Olympics are almost here and that means Team USA is practicing and getting ready to go for the gold. The Roster is not as impressive as years past because so many of the USA’s top players declined to participate this year; likely due to Zika and Brazil being out of control. Even with so many players opting out of the Olympics, Team USA is still full of talent and should be the heavy favorite. This is the benefit of having so many great players in our country. Even without players like Lebron or Steph I still except this team to dominate and win the gold (Knock on wood). My Starting line up is just the line up that I would put together with no addition information other than knowing the players from the NBA. Obviously the coaches know more about which players play well together and what match ups could affect who should start a particular game. That being said here is my line up.

Point Guard – Kyrie Irving 
Kyrie is amazing offensively and the best point guard on the roster, this is an easy decision for me. He will be able to get his shots up without much issue. Playing with such a talented supporting cast I would like to see him try to distribute the ball more than he did in the NBA season. With so many great players, someone is bound to be open.


Shooting Guard – Klay Thompson                                             One of the greatest shooters ever, Klay will have many opportunities for open 3s. Having a great 3 point shooter will open up inside of the court since one player will always have to be on Klay even from way beyond the arc. I also have him here for his defensive ability. As talented as Kyrie Irving is, he isn’t always known for his lock down defense. This is where Klay can come in and switch assignments with him if need be.


Small Forward – Kevin Durant                                                   KD is one of the best players in the world, you have to have in any starting line up. He is versatile and can score from anywhere. I want to see Durant be aggressive and put up a lot of shots. Most of the competition will not be used to playing against a player with Durant’s combination of Length and Skill. Also if you are going to hate KD for moving to The Warriors, let’s wait till after the Olympics.

Power Forward – Draymond Green
This is one of the most difficult positions to fill, It depends on the situation if you play more of a true Power Forward for defense and size or do you throw a Small Forward like Carmelo or Paul George in this slot for more offensive? However Draymond gives you both. He is very cable offensively, he is comfortable handling the ball and can make plays for his teammates. He is also great defensively and will give them an edge and toughness in the paint. I expect Draymond to be very valuable for Team USA.


Center – Demarcus Cousins                                          This one is also difficult, It really could’ve been either DeAndre Jordan or Cousins and I expect them to split time a lot. I am going to give the slight edge to Cousins because he is more versatile offensively and isn’t a huge liability at the free throw line; this will matter if games are close. It will be nice to see a player with Cousins talent get a chance to play for real coaches and talented teammates. However it will probably make his next season in Sacramento that much harder.

With a Roster as strong as Team USA’s everyone will be splitting time. So it really doesn’t matter who starts because I don’t think that will be an indication of who plays the most minutes, but it’s a fun conversation.

Comment and let us know what your starting 5 for Team USA would be.