The Olympic preparation is not going well, and it seems like each day something new comes out to tell us how bad they are going to be. It was just reported from The Australian Olympic team that the Olympic village is not safe. Australia is pulling it’s athletes from the Village after citing Electrical and plumbing problems. Two things that you do not want to mix. Some of the issues include blocked toilets, leaking pipes, exposed wiring, darkened stair wells where no lighting has been installed. It’s as if no one even went to check if it was actually ready to go. The Rio Mayor has offered the Australians a Kangaroo to make them feel more at home. So it’s good to see that the Rio Mayor is taking this seriously, this is the kind of stuff that has led to Rio being the disaster that it is. If the leadership doesn’t take safety seriously it’s hard for a City to make progress.

Come on Brazil.. You’ve had so much time to get it together before the Olympics start and have failed everywhere. OK so you can’t control that a deadly disease it in your country so we can’t blame you for that; we can be concerned but we can’t blame you. The Water quality is supposedly disgusting and a million times worse than the US minimum standard, but hey clean water can be difficult. The Country is full of Drugs and violent Crime is all over Rio, but maybe Law and Order is too hard for Brazil. The one thing that is fully in their control they could not get right. They can’t blame crime and disease on the unacceptable quality at the Olympic Village. They can only blame themselves. Terrible Olympic villages seem to be a trend in the recent Olympic games and there is no reason for it. Do not agree to host the Olympics unless you can handle it. 

There have also been reports that the Rio Police say that it won’t be able to keep people safe who visit for the Olympics. So they are going to welcome millions of visitors and their money to their City knowing that they will not be protected or safe. This is the time where we should reevaluate what is really important. Of course you can’t prevent all problems, but the preventable ones should not be an issue. What should be most important in the Olympics is safety, however it is clear that safety is not a priority for the Olympics in 2016. If it was a priority they would postpone and move the Olympics to a location that is ready and can handle it. Do not except Rio to turn it around quickly before the opening ceremonies. These are not competent people, they have no clue what they are doing and should not be given the benefit of the doubt. Too much trust has been put in Brazil to be ready on time and now we are paying for it.