The IOC failed to completely ban the Russian team from the 2016 Olympics for taking banned substances, a decision to ban would have been justified. The Russians cheated, we know they cheated, they were caught cheating and will now get away with it. The IOC had a real opportunity to send a message that the Olympics will have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to any doping at all. Banning the Russians would help to ensure fewer incidents in the future. Instead we’re left feeling as if the likely hood of future doping is higher now. I know personally I don’t feel like there is any less of a chance of future doping to occur.

If the IOC banned the Russians then the whole world would see how serious they are. This would intern stop teams from Doping for fear of getting caught and banned and it would lead to countries policing themselves, because they wouldn’t want one bad apple to get them all in trouble.

Why didn’t the IOC Ban Russia? I honestly think they were scared. Russia is obviously a powerhouse globally, but not one that plays by the rules. They are known for being corrupt and playing dirty. I believe the IOC wanted to keep Russia on it’s good side, maybe for future project or just fear that Russia would some how come after them. Also whenever you are unsure of why something happened just follow the money. Russia is one of the strongest countries athletically in the world. They are consistently in the top 3 in Medal count and will likely be there again this year. They will have millions of people watching at home, and tons to make the trip to Rio to watch in person a lot of that money goes to the Olympics. Also just 4 years ago the Olympics were held in Russia, If you think Russia got the Olympics without paying someone in the IOC you are naive. Most major organizations like this have corruption and have people who can be bought off. Maybe the Russian government who paid to have the Olympics in Sochi also paid to keep from getting banned. I think the IOC missed a huge opportunity and will regret not banning the Russian team from Rio. I would like to see the audience boo the Russian national team as they come out for the opening ceremonies. hopefully this embarrassment will help open the IOC eyes that this really is a problem and we’re not happy with the actions taken.