The White Sox are having one of the strangest seasons in recent memory. Starting out with Adam LaRoche retiring because the organization didn’t want a child in the work place. A request that is very reasonable, it may be a sport but it is still a work place and children obvious do not belong there. No company would be OK with an employee bringing their kid to the office everyday, and a MLB team is no different.

Fast forward to this week where Chris Sale decides to destroy all of the teams throwback uniforms in protest because he did not want to wear them. He claimed they were uncomfortable and messed up his pitching motion. Being comfortable as a pitcher is a must, the margin of error is so small that if something is a little bit off it can be a disaster. So why wouldn’t the White Sox listen to him? He made it clear that he was unhappy and it would possibly affect his performance. Don’t you want your players to be happy and put them in the best position to win the game? Winning the game is the objective after all (not promoting a new Jersey to sell). This all points to the bigger problem and that’s the dysfunction in the club house.

Now I think that Chris Sale handled the situation poorly. You can’t go out there in ruin company property to protest your displeasure, but what else could he have done? If he really felt like he couldn’t pitch in the throwback jerseys and vocalized that he wasn’t going to wear the jersey; and they still ignored him hes was kind of out of options. You either go out there and possibly embarrass yourself or destroy the uniforms (at least those were the only options he thought of). He could’ve gotten out of wearing the Jersey with anyone of a long list of excuses. These excuses include Faking an Injury, sickness, diarrhea (no one questions that one), a relative died etc. He chose to take matters into his own hands and just destroy the uniforms; at least he got out of wearing them. The White Sox have suspended Sale for 5 games and he is set to start Thursday against the Cubs (5 games for a pitcher is almost nothing). Despite this circus the White Sox are still in contention to make the playoffs, being only 2 games under .500 and with 64 games left they still have time to turn it around. I don’t see them doing that however, more likely they will try to cut there losses from this season and trade off some players. Chris Sale will likely be one of the players that they shop around, especially after this fiasco.