This has been one of the craziest Free agency summers in recent memory, however we have forgotten that the best player in the world has still not signed with a team. He has given the Cavaliers indication that he will sign with them, but gives no time table for when he will officially sign. So even though it seems unlikely he could still leave again and play somewhere else.

I do not expect this to happen, he will sign, but not until everyone that he wants on the roster signs. Lebron is using his free agency as leverage. The GM and the the Cavs ownership have no choice but to listen to him because he still has all the leverage and they are at his mercy. Once the Cavaliers Roster is complete Lebron will come in and sign his deal. Expect a one year deal, this way Lebron will be able to flex his leverage again next year. His deal won’t be a ridiculously high salary as he’ll want to save cap space to get players that he wants, Lebron doesn’t make most of his money from his NBA salary.

Lebron is definitely the GM of this team, and if I’m a Cavs fan I want him to be. In his first run in Cleveland the Cavaliers acquired  a total of zero great players for him to play with. this was evident by the Cavs terrible record the year after Lebron left. Most of the Cavs best players had only come from the draft. It wasn’t until Lebron came back that they were able to acquire solid role players like JR Smith, Kevin Love, and Iman Shumpert. Next year will likely be his greatest test yet. With the Kevin Durant going to the Warriors to form a super team, Lebron and the Cavaliers will has quite the challenge ahead of them. Lebron is looking at the Warriors in the West and he knows he’s the one who can beat them. His best chance to do that is to stay in Cleveland.

But maybe he decides to leave Cleveland and go join the Warriors.