I attended the Broncos training camp to see how the  2015 Superbowl were looking this year. Now that their superstar Linebacker, Von Miller is signed to a long term contract; the biggest Question surrounding the Broncos is their Quarterback situation. With the Legend Peyton Manning retiring and his successor moving teams, the Broncos were left with searching for their future QB.

The Two choices seem to be Mark Sanchez and the Rookie first round draft pick Paxton Lynch. I observed both Quarterbacks run the offense and here are my take aways.

Mark Sanchez will probably be the week one starter. He looks OK, Marks problems have never been his ability. His problems all come from decision making. When he is playing good he will make some beautiful throws; which I observed with several corner end zone passes. However when Mark Sanchez is bad he’s awful. I saw two times during practice where he threw passes that would’ve been pick 6’s and both were in the opponents end zone. This is especially awful because the defense isn’t going full speed to try to pressure him. If the Broncos choose to start him they have to be careful and not allow him to throw in dangerous situations. He will make a lot of mistakes. paxton broncos

Paxton Lynch is not ready to be the starter week one. Paxton’s height is insane, he towers over the Offensive Line. I don’t know how much it will help him, but I’m sure it doesn’t hurt. I did not get a chance to see much of his arm strength because he did not take any shots deep down field. I did however get a chance to see his accuracy; It needs a lot of work. He has a tendency to throw low on easy short throws when he moves outside of the pocket. I don’t think I saw him compete a single outside pass. He completed all of his passes inside on easy slant routes. I think they definitely want him to be the franchises future, but he will need work. He would benefit from sitting for a year or two and developing his accuracy and comfort playing at the NFL level.

Displaying IMG_4097.JPGDisplaying IMG_4097.JPGDisplaying IMG_4097.JPGLuckily despite the Quarterback concerns the Broncos should be OK. They did not have great quarterback play last year. Manning could manage the offense, but was a shell of himself and Osweiler played pretty when filling in, but did not light it up. Their defense is what won them games and what made them Superbowl champions. This should be encouraging for who ever ends up starting. The just need to try to manage the game and not make many mistakes. The Defense will do it’s part so average Quarterback play should be enough. von miller broncos camp.jpg