The Team USA men’s basketball team has decided they will stay for in a cruise ship for their time in Rio. This is a good call, from the sounds of it the Olympic Village is a complete disaster. The Olympic village being awful will be challenging for many athletes, but especially for the millionaire Basketball players who usually live in luxury. As well as many of these players approaching 7 feet tall, an uncomfortable Olympic village could affect their play more than others.

I can only image what’s going to go on that ship. I’m sure they will have their own heavily armed security force to protect the ship and the players. It should be a lot nicer than living in the Olympic Village which has so many problems attached with it.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we see other Teams following Team USA’s lead. Maybe not getting a cruise ship, but moving out of the village to find better accommodations. It is unfortunate for most of the Olympians who don’t make a lot of money that during one of the best weeks of their life they have to deal with distractions and worrying about their safety.