I love the Olympics. I love the patriotism involved, and how athletes from all over the world come together to compete at the highest level. Most of these Athletes have worked almost their entire life for this, and they only get one chance. It makes the tension so much greater and the moment of victory that much better. I will be watching the Olympics for all of the 2 weeks, although I obviously can’t watch every single event. I have some that I am always sure to watch due to their excitement and entertainment. I usually discover a couple random events that I’ll get into as well, but going into the Olympics I am most looking forward to..

  1. Swimming- Swimming is one of the most intense sports at the Olympics, so many races come down to inches at the wall. We will be sure to be in store for some memorable races. Also this will probably be Phelps’s last Olympic games.
  2. Beach Volleyball- Both Men’s and Women’s beach volleyball are some the best events at the Olympic games. There is usually tight matches where each point matters so much.
  3. Gymnastics- Gymnastics is probably the most nerve racking sport in the entire Olympics. One miss step even by just an inch and your Olympic dream is over. This is also what makes it so great.
  4. Track- Track is simple, you run and try to beat the other runners next to you. That being said it is always amazing to see people do something simple like running and do it 10 times better than any of us. (also I know Olympic running isn’t that simple, there is a lot of technique that goes along with it)

I will try to check out as many Olympic Events as I can this year, but these are the ones that are can’t miss for me. Comment what events you’re most excited for.

GO Team USA!