What are the Redskins Doing with Josh Norman?

New England Patriots at Washington Redskins 08/28/09

The Redskins got completely embarrassed by the Steelers on Monday Night football, a major factor in this embarrassment was Antonio Brown, going off with 2 TDs and 126 yards. While Brown was torching the Redskins secondary, the Redskins decided to keep Josh Norman on the left side since hes a left corner. This led to Antonio Brown and Josh Norman only going head to head a  handful of times.

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Josh Norman is currently the highest paid Corner back in the NFL, but hes only being used on one side of the field. He claims to be the best Corner back in the league, then why can’t he follow Antonio Brown? Having  a pro bowl corner back who can only play one side of the field makes it easy for an opposing offense to game plan. All they have to do is take their number 1 wide receiver and switch him to the other side.

Maybe the Redskins defense doesn’t know what they’re doing. They might not have realized that you place your best corner across from your opponents best receiver. Or maybe Josh Norman just  isn’t that good. Norman had the benefit last year of playing with a great secondary in Carolina, he played off of this and made him seem a lot better than he is. I still think he is pro bowl Corner, but not the best in the league as his contract would suggest.

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In order Norman to even be considered the best he has to be a shut down corner. He should be matching up with the opponents best receiver on as many downs as possible, it doesn’t matter if it’s on the left or right side of the field. Not being able to play both sides of the field is like not being able to dribble with both hands. A professional athlete getting paid an average of 15,000,000 a year should be able to do both.



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  1. Josh Norman is a good corner, heck, he might be really good, but he isn’t worth the money Washington paid, because he isn’t a 1v1 shutdown corner (per many former football players turned analysts, so that’s not just my opinion). I think Washington hid him a bit to keep him from turning into this year’s Byron Maxwell.

    • DHJ

      I Agree I think they might know that he can’t go one on one with Antonio Brown all day. They’re trying to hide him to avoid looking like idiots for spending so much money.

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