These picks are coming on Wednesday 9/14/2016. I am using the lines set on yahoo.                WS – with the spread for gambling purposes. Keep an eye out for a blog with my results from week 1.


Jets(-1.5) @ Bills – Winner: Bills WS: Bills

Ravens(-6) @ Browns – Winner: Ravens WS: Ravens

Titans @ Lions(-6) – Winner: Lions WS: Titans

Dolphins @ Patriots(-6.5) – Winner: Patriots WS: Dolphins

Siants @ Giants(-4.5) – Winner: Giants WS: Saints

Bengals @ Steelers(-3) – Winner: Steelers WS: Bengals

Cowboys @ Redskins(-2.5) – Winner: Cowboys WS: Cowboys

Panthers(13.5) @ 49ers – Winner: Panthers WS: 49ers

Chiefs @ Texans(-2.5) – Winner: Chiefs WS: Chiefs

Seahawks(-3.5) @ Rams – Winner: Seahawks WS: Seahawks

Buccaneers @ Cardinals(-6.5) – Winner: Buccaneers WS: Buccaneers

Colts @ Broncos(-6) – Winner: Broncos WS: Colts

Falcons @ Raiders(-4.5) – Winner: Raiders WS: Falcons

Jaguars @Chargers(-3) – Winner: Jaguars WS: Jaguars

Packers(-2) @ Vikings – Winner: Vikings WS: Vikings

Eagles @ Bears(-3) – Winner: Bears WS: Bears


Tip watch out for teams that are favored by 6 or more points. Many bets have been ruined in garbage time.