Sorry I am getting these picks in a little late. I have written them down and will not change them regardless of the scores at half time. Around week 5 I will do an update with my record so far. AS stands for against the spread.

Cardinals (-3.5) @ Bills –    Winner: Cardinals   AS: Cardinals

Broncos @ Bengals (-4) –   Winner: Bengals     AS: Broncos

Lions @ Packers (-6.5)   –   Winner: Packers      AS: Lions

Raiders(-1.5) @ Titans   – Winner:  Raiders   AS: Raiders

Browns @ Dolphins(-9.5) – Winner: Dolphins   AS: Browns

Redskins @ Giants(-3) – Winner: Redskins    AS: Redskins

Vikings @ Panthers(-7)  – Winner: Panthers  AS: Vikings

Ravens(-2.5) @ Jaguars  – Winner: Ravens AS: Ravens

49ers @ Seahawks( -9.5 ) – Winner: Seahawks     AS: 49ers 

Rams @ Buccaneers (-3.5) – Winner:Buccaneers AS: Buccaneers

Chargers @ Colts (Even) – Winner: Colts AS: Colts

Jets @ Chiefs (-2.5) – Winner: Jets AS: Jets

Steelers (-3.5) @ Eagles – Winner: Steelers AS: Steelers

Bears @ Cowboys – Winner: Cowboys AS: Bears

If you want to make some money this weekend take the 49ers to cover against the Seahawks. The Seahawks are favored by 9.5 and some sport books are going as high as 10 or 10.5. The Seahawks so far haven’t proven that they should be favored by more than a touchdown against anybody. They are averaging 7.5 points per game so favoring them by 9.5 is crazy.  I’m putting my money on the 49ers.