After the last few games from the Patriots, Garoppolo’s play has some people wondering if Tom Brady is some how just great because he’s part of Belichick’s system. This is absurd. In no way does Garoppolo’s success have anything to do with how good Tom Brady’s is and has been.

Tom Brady has been in the league since 2000 and has been a starter for 14 years. The fact that the patriots were able to find a Quarterback that looks like he could potentially be the next franchise Quarter back takes nothing away from Brady. In 16 years I would hope a NFL team and management would be able to find a decent Quarterback out there. People are acting like Garoppolo is just some random player that the patriots made good. He’s been the first Quarterback in the last 16 years that looks as if he could take over down the road. 1 quarterback in 16 years and now Brady is just a part of a system? Also It’s not as if Garoppolo is some undrafted Free Agent that was coached to be good. Garoppolo is a 2nd round pick who’s been in the league for a few years. Teams don’t take players in the second round unless they see a lot of talent and potential. Since drafting Tom Brady the Patriots have drafted 8 Quarterbacks other than Brady. If the system is so great and can make any quarterback good than why haven’t we heard from any of them. It’s because good quarterbacks are rare and great quarterback are even rarer. Garoppolo looks good that’s because he’s talented, and yes he has good coaching, but so what.

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People who use good coaching as a slight against a player are ridiculous. I can understand defending a player if his coaching is terrible, but taking away from a player because he has quality coaches makes no sense. This argument is only seen in sports and in football especially, no one ever says “oh that scientist isn’t that smart because he had good professors” that would be stupid.

Then their is Matt Cassel. Did Matt Cassel take over for Tom Brady and look good, yes. Then after he left New England he never looked as good. When he was a starter for the Patriots in 2008 he went 10-5 and the patriots went 11-5 that year. They missed the playoffs for the first time since Brady took over. Now 11-5 sounds pretty good, and normally it would be. However this Patriots team went 16-0 the year before 5 games is a substantial drop off. If an average team went 8-8 and had a 5 game drop off that would be a terrible 3-13. With the weapons Cassel had in New England not making the playoff is a disappointment.

We are also assuming that all of these Quarterbacks are good because of the coaching staff, completely forgetting the fact that they have 4 time Superbowl champion Tom Brady to learn from. Getting to watch, observe, and practice with a player like Tom Brady is going to make you a better. Quarterbacks communicate a lot with their backups so Jimmy has had lots of opportunities to learn from Tom.

Although everyone has their hot takes and loves to through out stupid opinions. Brady’s Resume speaks for his greatness. 4 Superbowls 2 MVP doesn’t happen just because you play in a system. Good coaching helps, but without the effort and talent you can only get so far.