Each week I am going to start putting 3 best bets. These are the game I feel most confident in being right Against the Spread.

AS– Against the Spread

Dolphins @ Bengals (-7)  –       Winner: Bengals    AS: Bengals

Colts(-2.5) @ Jaguars  –              Winner: Colts          AS: Colts

Panthers (-3) @ Falcons –           Winner: Panthers     AS: Panthers

Lions (-3) @ Bears –                    Winner: Lions        AS: Lions

Bills @ Patriots(-6) –                   Winner: Patriots    AS: Patriots

Seahawks(-2.5)  @ Jets                   Winner: Seahawks  AS: Seahawks

Browns @ Redskins(-7.5)               Winner: Redskins   AS: Browns

Raiders @ Ravens (-3.5)                     Winner: Raiders  AS: Raiders

Titans @ Texans (-4.5)                      Winner: Texans   AS: Texans

BEST BET Broncos(-3) @ Buccaneers             Winner: Broncos AS: Broncos 

BEST BET Rams @ Cardinals (-7.5)                    Winner: Cardinals   AS: Rams 

Saints @ Chargers(-4)                           Winner: Saints         AS: Saints

BEST BET Cowboys(-2) @ 49ers                            Winner: Cowboys     AS: Cowboys

Chiefs @ Steelers(-6)                           Winner: Steelers          AS: Chiefs

Giants @ Vikings(-5)                             Winner: Vikings             AS: Vikings

My Lock of the Week is the Broncos Vs Buccaneers. The Broncos are only favored by 3 points. People believe in the Bucs even though through 3 weeks they are 1-2 and have had some rough performances. The Broncos have already taken on Cam Newton, Andrew Luck, and Andy Dalton, they should be up to the task of containing Jameis Winston.