The Colts are a disaster of a franchise. From top to bottom they are horrible. The one bright spot they have is Andrew Luck. He is a star level talent, but is not being developed or helped at all. If you watch a Indianapolis Colts game he is on the run almost every single snap. He didn’t make it through last season and based on what I’m seeing he won’t make it through this year. The Management of the Colts has been atrocious they have missed on so many draft picks since getting Luck, they have very few recognizable names on there roster. Each year they try to just throw out basically the same roster with very little improvements. Good organizations are proactive to get better each season.

Luck has not been perfect, but he’s not getting help. When a team is awful the Quarterback feels like he has to do to much. This often can lead to questionable decision like making throws he shouldn’t and turning the ball over. Also if you’ve been on the run on every other play that pressure is going to make you throw some bad balls. Look at other young quarterbacks who have support, Carson Wentz is being put in a position to succeed. Luck is obviously not a Rookie, but he still need support.

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If I were Luck I would not have signed an extension to stay with the Colts. If he could get out of Indianapolis there are options that would be a much better fit for him. There are several teams that are good and don’t have a franchise Quarterback the Vikings, or Broncos could be a good fit. Unfortunately they will¬†probably just franchise tag him and he’d be stuck with the Colts.

I hope for Luck’s sake there are big changes that are made this off season. Starting at the Top.

-DHJ @doubleheaderjay