We’re approaching the half way point of the regular season and the MVP discussions have began. Tom Brady’s name has been thrown around as a potential contender for the MVP award. As we all know Brady was out for the first 4 games so he’s only played 3. This says less about how good Brady’s been in those 3 games and more about the fact that so many stars are struggling.

My pick so far is Dak Prescott, He has been impressive so far this year completing 68 percent of his passes and only throwing 1 pick. His numbers are good, but throw them out, that’s not what makes Dak the MVP. we often forget about the fact that the V stands for valuable. we are not looking for who’s the best, or most talented player we’re looking for who brings the most value to their team. The cowboys were a complete disaster last year finishing witha 4-12 record. Dak through 6 games already has more wins than the cowboys all last year.

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The Cowboys looked lost last year, they kept trying to plug in a journeyman quarterback, just hoping to get by, without any really hope of being a contender. Dak has brought stability to the franchise and hope for the future. It is very likely that he has won the starting job from Tony Romo, and he’s earned it. Before Dak the Cowboys were at the mercy of the injury gods, hoping and praying that the injury prone Tony Romo doesn’t get hurt. The Cowboys have a bright future if the choose to go with Dak and start building the team around him.

Other Candidates for MVP

Matt Ryan

Derek Carr

Ezekiel Elliott

Lesean McCoy

David Johnson

Julio Jones