With the Packers recent struggles putting them at 4W 5L and on the outside of the playoffs, everyone is searching for an answer to their struggles. The Answer to the Packers Struggles is simple, They’re not very good. It sounds like an over simplification, but it’s true. They just aren’t a good team, this is not a case of a good team not playing up to their potential. This is a completely average team playing Average. They do not have much talent outside of a few well known players. The only reason we even expected this team to be good is because they are the Packers and they have Aaron Rodgers.  If this was the Chargers or the Jets we would be much quicker to point out the fact that they don’t have any talent. Image result for aaron rodgers

The Packers need to look in the Mirror and realize that they just do not have enough talent. They love building through the draft, but it’s time to start getting aggressive in free agency, you can’t only build with the draft and hope to strike gold. Yes Aaron Rodgers has not been playing well, and a lot of their struggles have been on him, but even if he was playing like an MVP the Packers would still not be a Contender with their current roster.