Jeff Fisher and the Los Angeles Rams have finally given in to the outside pressure and have decided to start their number 1 overall pick Jared Goff. Obviously the Rams Offense has been terrible and Case Keenum has looked like..  well Case Keenum, and they hope that starting Goff will boost their offense and get the fans in Los Angeles Excited. I think the Rams are making a mistake. We’ve seen how bad Keenum has been and they still continued to send him out there. This tells us that Goff is not ready and could be a disaster if sent out before he’s ready. The Rams drafted him with the plan of sitting him for the year to develop and to give him the best chance of being successful going forward. You can’t just throw your plan out the window because someone like me with a blog is asking why Goff isn’t playing. This feels like a very short term plan, If Goff goes out and gets beat up and is a disaster he may never come back from it. Instead they should  continue develop the number 1 overall pick that they’ve invested so much in. Image result for jared goff

That being said, the Rams have decided to go with Goff, whether it’s a good idea or not. I expect Goff to struggle. I believe in his arm talent and his potential to be a quality quarterback in the future, but he’s not ready. The transition from the system he played at Cal to a pro style offense will take longer than the few months that he’s been a pro. At Cal he did not take snaps under center and will struggle finding his receivers and with his timing initially. Goff will probably take most snaps in the shotgun formation where he’s more comfortble, and work more to taking snaps under center over the course of the season. The trouble with the shot gun formation is it will leave Goff more exposed to the blitz. The defense will know that it is likely to be a pass play which could be problematic for the rookie. In addition the Rams offense line is not good. The biggest thing you can ask for as a Quarterback is a quality offensive line, especially as a Rookie. The Cowboys have a great offensive line and it is the one of the biggest reasons for Dak Prescott’s success, giving him time to find his open receivers and allows him to feel comfortable in the pocket. Jared Goff will not have this luxury, he will be under pressure all game and that pressure will leads to Rookie mistakes.

Rams fans (if there are any) need to be patient with Goff. He will not amaze you in his first start and could be absolutely awful. However he was the number 1 overall pick for a reason, He does have talent and ability, but he will need time to become a NFL quarterback.