What was inevitable happened we will get to see the trilogy of the golden state warriors going back up against Cleveland cavaliers. I’m excited for this match up and have been rooting for it all year, but the road there was not satisfying. Outside of a few games neither team has even been pushed on their path to the finals. These are the two best teams and that’s fine, but in the NBA the level of competition between playoff teams in the conference finals should not be as drastic as it is. This is largely due to the East still being awful, which I don’t have an answer for. And Kevin Durant leaving for GSW. The Durant move hurt the west in two ways. 1. It increased the separation between the warriors and the rest of western competition and 2. It got rid of one of Golden States main competitors. The warriors had to make the finals because no one was close to their talent. 

I’d like to see teams get pushed more on the way to the finals, but with the emergence of super teams it’s looking like that’s getting less likely. There’s a lot of great players in the league right now, but there are not enough superstars for several teams in the playoffs to have multiple. 

Hopefully this issue resolves its self. I’m Not going to panic and act like this has been an on going issue. We’re only a year removed from when the warriors were down 3-1 to make a comeback and advance to the finals. As for the cavaliers we have to just wait for the east to get better. Boston looks like the team who can start building towards making a run, though I think they’re further away then most. 

Also let’s not bash Lebron and the Cavaliers for playing in the east. We should thank them. Can you imagine what a disaster the finals would be Lebron played in the West. Yes he wouldn’t have gotten to as many finals. But whatever Eastern conference team got there would just get humiliated. Without Lebron the western conference finals would be the finals. 

During the week leading up to the finals I will be posting finals previews MVP prediction