The warriors are the consensus favorite and deservedly so. These teams were close to evenly matched last year and One team added Kevin Durant and the other added Kyle korver. The warriors should win this series convincingly. They are as good if not better then Cleveland offensively and significantly better defensively. The cavaliers are not a good defense team and the warriors are. that will be the difference. The warriors buckets will come easy and the cavaliers will have to work extra to get theirs and over the course of the series that will wear them down. 

The only reason people are giving Cleveland a chance is because they have the best player in the world Lebron James. However with the addition of Kevin Durant it at least partially cancels out Lebron. 

The Warriors are playing some of the best basketball I’ve ever seen and have a completely loaded roster. Ultimately I see this being too much for the cavs. 

Warriors in 5