Welcome to The Doubleheader

We are excited to announce the launch of the The Doubleheader Blog site. We are a blogging duo who has a love for all sports, from the collegiate to the professional level.

At The Doubleheader we will discuss a vast array of topics within the sports world, from the NFL to the PGA and everything in Between. We provide insight to what we think are the best picks for the upcoming games. As well as analysis of the games after they end.

Rankings- WRoger_Federer_2012_Indian_Wellshether you love them or love to hate them we will be giving ranking for teams and players across the sports world. Feel free to agree or disagree with them.

We try not to take things to seriously, our thoughts will be unfiltered and not always PC.

This blog will be mostly sports however we will be mixing it up. If there is a major event going on in the world or in pop culture we will likely talk about.

Thanks for checking out the site and keep comingback as we will be writing more blogs each day.


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